Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Women in Public Service Project Blog

The Women in Public Service Project is a partnership between Hillary Clinton’s U.S. State Department and the five leading women’s colleges including Bryn Mawr that seeks to increase the number of women leaders worldwide to 50% of public and political figures in 50 years. The website was designed and built by iFactory using WordPress as   …Continue Reading

Easy Design Improvement: Buttons

I read this article in my Google Reader feeds from UX Matters, called “7 Basic Best Practices for Buttons,” and immediately got to work applying some changes based on this article to a recent client site, In less than an hour I’d improved the experience of shopping on this site and made these important   …Continue Reading

HTML Email for Bryn Mawr College

I designed an email incorporating Bryn Mawr College’s new visual identity for a newsletter. In addition to the visual design, I built a responsive layout that would work in email clients on mobile devices as well as the typical popular desktop clients. The layout code was based on Mailchimp’s Email Blueprints and Campaign Monitor’s mobile   …Continue Reading

Adjectives for Describing Your Brand

When I begin working with clients to define a look & feel for their website, I start with defining the emotions they want to evoke with their branding. I ask the client to use adjectives to describe their company, culture, product or target customer. Here’s a list of helpful adjectives to use in the process,   …Continue Reading


I’ve been furiously working to redesign this here website and get a proper portfolio live. I think my previous homepage promising “portfolio coming soon” was up for about a year, hopefully this is a big improvement. The new design is still in WordPress, and is built on Twitter Bootstrap via the BootstrapWP theme created by   …Continue Reading

Download my Subtle Pattern submissions

I submitted a few tiled background patterns to I’ve used the site’s patterns for projects in the past, including multiple background images on, so I figured I’d return the favor. No word on whether they’ve been accepted to the site yet but for now you can download them here: Download “Dot Matrix” Download   …Continue Reading