I’ve been making websites for over half my life, since dialup internet hit my hometown of Palestine, Texas in 1997 (what’s up Flash.net!). Since then I’ve migrated to Center City, Philadelphia and have learned graphic design, web standards, CSS, PHP, and jQuery. I continue to keep up with new techniques like responsive web design, my current favorite way to build websites.

Me, Catherine Farman, hard at workMe, hard at work at Indy Hall. Photo by Corrine Warnshuis

All my websites since 2011 are built responsively, meaning they work at all screen sizes, without separate mobile websites or any extra work on the part of the website owner. To learn more about responsive web design, check out the slides from my workshop on the topic or some examples of responsive websites. Or better yet, visit this site on your smartphone or tablet or resize your desktop browser window to see how a responsive design works.

I specialize in working with artists, women-owned businesses and non-profit and educational organizations. And if you consider yourself a tech novice or aren’t sure what your website needs are, I especially want to hear from you – I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn new technologies, which is why I volunteer for Girl Develop It Philly.

When I’m not designing websites, I organize events for Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia and Permanent Wave Philly or hang out with Ms. Willa D. Beest:

Willa  D. Beest

I’m all over the internets, so follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Github¬†or email me.