Encouraging technical women to speak up

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I’m doing my part in bringing more women speakers to conferences by committing to becoming one of those speakers this year. I’m also encouraging the local technical and geeky women of Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia to join me by meeting periodically as a group to ramp up our preparations for presenting our expertise. Here’s my call to those interested in public speaking on the GGD mailing list:

Want to present at a conference this year?

Me too! A coworker shared this link (“Technical Women – It’s conference submission season!”) and I found it really helpful to think about how to prepare to present at a conference, which is a goal for me this year.

Anyone else have this goal for the near future? Tristin and I were both thinking it’d be cool to have a speaker’s group meet separately and regularly to try and achieve this goal for those of us who have it. We could follow the steps on that link and keep meeting to check our progress, practice presenting, get help choosing topics, and even bring in mentors/speakers we enjoy to get their tips and expertise.

If you’re in this group you are an expert on something and with all the meetups and events going on in the industry in Philly, there are plenty of opportunities for more women to share our expertise, we just have to make it happen. Please reply if you want to get involved, have ideas for this group, or other thoughts on getting more women
presenting at events.

Here are some more links on this topic:

“Why are more women not speaking at technical conferences?”

“Why White Men Should Refuse to Be on Panels of All White Men”

“Confessions of a not-so-public speaker: If you want the tech
community to have diversity, you need to be the change”

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