Not-So-Recent Work

Honor Code

This Honor Code website was launched while I was a student at Bryn Mawr College. The Student Government Association came to me looking for a fun, fresh design to post the text of the Honor Code online alongside Student Government updates. I went with a school-desk theme. Check out that highlighter on the navigation –   …Continue Reading


This was one of my first CSS websites! Probably heavily inspired by something on CSS Zen Garden. Bryn Mawr College Facilities needed a new website and a new service request form. I built and designed their new website which also included an inventory with historical details and floorplans for every building on campus. I’m especially   …Continue Reading

Community Partnership in Action

The Community Partnership in Action (CPIA) website was built from scratch using the latest in mid-2000 web wizardry: sliding doors images for the tabs, CSS for the screen and print stylesheets, and dotted borders galore. Still on the Wayback Machine, where I grabbed a screenshot: I’m actually still using the code from this site to   …Continue Reading