Loy Lewis Jewelry

Launched December 2011


Laura Lewis, a.k.a. Loy, came to me in need of an online store to sell her beautiful and sought-after handmade jewelry. She had been selling her work at galleries and craft shows for some time, and was getting more requests to see her jewelry for sale online by customers as well as potential retail sellers.

She requested a store that would be easy to update with new pieces but with a customized look and feel to complement the bold vintage style of her jewelry. Her customers, who she describes as “not timid, and with a well-developed sense of style” can now order her latest pieces through the BigCartel store the site is built on.

In addition to the graphic design, I coded a custom theme for her store using the 320 & Up framework and timthumb.php for responsive and perfectly cropped images at every screen size.

Mobile First Responsive Design for BigCartel Store:

Photoshop Mockups of Homepage

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