People Profiles for Bryn Mawr College

Launched November 2010

I’ve maintained and updated the design and development of these profiles since late 2008. They were initially designed and developed by Electronic Ink for the college website’s 2007 web design. After the “refresh” I implemented in 2009, in which iFactory revised the look and feel of our design while leaving core functionality in place, I was tasked with rebranding the profiles to fit the new design of our website.

Profiles: Before & After 2009 Refresh

Profiles Managed in WordPress

In 2010, the Web Content Manager requested a move from the tedious, XML-file based format for managing profiles content to a blog on our WordPress Multisite installation. Using tags, categories, and custom fields mapped to the various types of content associated with each profile – including majors, minors, Alumnae current job titles, professors’ departments, etc. – I built a robust theme for managing old profiles and easily adding new ones that is in use to this day. In fact, the new CMS has proved so extensible that it has been used to display profiles in a totally different look-and-feel for the 125th anniversary of the college, featuring historic alumnae and their accomplishments.

In addition, profiles gained new functionality to make them more discoverable and easy to browse: suggested profiles now appear on each individual profile, encouraging the user to explore further. Why not go explore yourself?

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